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I enjoy helping businesses reach their goals by offering advice & technical coaching.

I am co-authoring a book en titled “10 Warning Signs in IT Projects” which will be published in late 2014. I also speaks at international conferences, to educate programmers and managers on how to detect and prevent project failure.

In the past year I have architect and developed several projects for large media company with over 1 Million+ visitors/day. I rescued projects for a large real  estate company. I also developed a full cloud computing management tool in less then 2 month and much more.

I am very efficient and can help you reach your goals faster then any other developers.

How I can help your business?

  • Keep project on track: Audit project planning prior development and during on going projects
  • Bring off track project to success
  • Create an implementation strategy
  • Software architecture & development
  • Need immediate assistance? Schedule a 1 hour “Pick my brain session”

Industries of expertise

  • Media
  • Telecommunication
  • Gaming
  • Medical
  • Gaming
  • Agriculture
  • Real-estate
  • Automotive
  • Event management

Professional Experience

Consultant FooLab Inc. — June 2009 – …

Worked on various projects. See my client success stories for more details.

Technologies used: PHP5, Oracle, MySQL, Symfony, Zend Framework, Web Services, SOAP, Rest, NewsML, Documentum, PHPUnit, SVN, GIT, Fossil, Trac, Jira, VMWare VCloud, Linux, Apache, Varnish, Memcache

Founder, ConFoo February 2002 – …

Director of the 2010-2013 annual ConFoo, search for sponsors & speakers, promoting the event and making sure all task are completed according to the schedule, budget management.

Director of the 2003-2009 annual PHP Quebec Conference, helped searching for sponsors & speakers, promoting the event and making sure all task are completed according to the schedule.

Founder, PHP Québec February 2002 – …

Founded the PHP Quebec association. Created the Quebec City & Montreal PHP Quebec user group and organize monthly meetings and various networking activities.

Team Leader, Savoir Faire Linux — May 2008 to May 2009

Worked on various projects.

Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM)
Defined customer needs and distributed task among team members. Established a development process based on Agile development methodologies such has SCRUM & FDD.

Created an API to generate ActionScript in order to interact with Flash charts generated with PHP without modifying the core of the Ez Components.

Nante Airport
Build wap site for Blackberry and IPhone users, admin section & web services to enable Nantes Airport customers to check parking availability & securely download their boarding pass (barcode) onto their cellphone.

Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ)
Build a robust survey system to help political parties to track the evolutions of their popularity among Quebec citizens listed in the DGE list. This project recently has been release as an OpenSource project. Visit the official website of ÉlectionLibre for more information.

Technologies used: PHP 5, MySQL 5, PostGreSQL, Action Script, Typo3, Drupal, Symfony, Ez Components, WAP/WML, SVN, Trac, Mercurial, Git, VIm, Linux, Map Server, Apache

Team Leader & PHP Programmer, Budget Conferencing — May 2006 to May 2008

Defined internal customer needs and distributed task among team members. Established a development process based on Agile development methodologies such
has FDD (Feature driven development) in order to increase software quality.

Secured, optimized, revised the work flow of the ERP/CRM for a more user friendly experience. Build a Dashboard wish monitored the customer usage and
automatically assigned them into a specific category, which helped the sales team focus on customers with a decreasing/increasing usage.

Build tools to migrate BudgetConferencing customer database to Premiere Global web services.

Technologies used: PHP 4, MySQL 5, HTML, XML, XSL, CSS, Javascript, CVS, VIm, Linux, Apache

Programmer Analyst, GameLoft — October 2004 to March 2006

Optimized and secured the web applications.

Wrote the web development standards, security guides and the documentation for the new architecture. Developed a plat-form enabling the purchase of cell phone games trough SMS and WAP download.

Technologies used: PHP 4, PHP 5, MySQL 5, XML, SOAP, Javascript, XHTML, WML, WAP, SMS, CVS, SVN, VIm, Linux, Apache

Programmer Analyst, ExportDepot — March 2003 – July 2004

Build a plate-form maintain /create of multiple e-commerce sites with the ability to customize templates, depending of the origin of the customers (domain name, country, google search,…) or the category they belong too.

Technologies used: PHP5, ASP, MySQL 4, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, CVS, VIm, Linux, Apache, IIS

Programmer Analyst, Gereq — April 2002 – March 2003

Participated in the development of a Medical Research application intended to facilitate the form creation by researchers, user data validation rules, apply many clinical research randomization techniques.

Technologies used: PHP4, Oracle, HTML, CSS, EditPlus, Certification ISO-9001, Apache

Speaking Experience

  • RuPy, Budapest, Hungary, 2013
  • PHP South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, 2013
  • Tech4Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2013
  • Make Web not War, Toronto, 2009


  • Web Specialist, Multihexa  2001
  • Mining Engineering, Université Laval & Laurentian University 1998-2001
  • Sciences, Collège de Valleyfield 1995-1998



  • PHP5 / PHP4
  • XML, XSLT, XPath, NewsML, WSDL
  • Web Services (Soap, REST, XML-RPC)
  • HTML &  CSS
  • ActionScript
  • JavaScript

Frameworks & CMS

  • Symfony 1 & 2
  • Zend Framework
  • Drupal 6 & 7
  • EzComponents
  • Typo3
  • FatWire


  • MySQL 5,4,3
  • PostGres 8
  • Oracle
  • Documentum
  • Memcache


  • Apache
  • Zend Server
  • MapServer
  • IIS
  • Linux (Red Hat,Ubuntu,Debian)

Software & Tools

  • VIm
  • Git,Mercurial,Fossil,SVN,CSV
  • PHP Unit
  • Eclipse
  • VMWare VCloud
  • Varnish
  • Memcache
  • Jira, Trac
  • Astah UML



  • Customer oriented approach
  • Treat each project as an investment
  • Knowledge & experience in a multitude of technologies.
  • Straight to the point
  • Deliver value
  • Problem solver
  • Respect deadlines
  • Positive & Professional attitude

Spoken Languages

  • French (spoken & written)
  • English (spoken & written)