Yann Larrivée

1-438-500-0911 yann@foolab.ca


Help businesses reach their goals by enabling them with technological solutions that answer their needs in a timely manner.


I developed several projects for a large media company with 1 Million+ visitors/day, built cloud management tools to for livestock tracking to prevent pandemics such as mad cow disease.

I am very efficient and can help your business achieve its goals efficiently and in a timely manner.


Programming Languages

PHP, JavaScript

Frameworks & CMS

Symfony, Zend Framework, Solar PHP, Drupal, Typo3, FatWire


MySQL, Oracle, PostGresql, MSSQL, Documentum, Memcache, Redis

Apps & Tools

VMWare VCloud & VSphere, Varnish, ZeroMQ, MapServer, Git, SVN, CVS, Mercurial, Apache, Linux, Xdebug, Solr,Shinx, PHPUnit, Vagrant, Puppet

Web & protocols



Cloud Computing, IAAS, SAAS, PAAS, UML, Agile & Lean Management


Problem solver, efficient, pragmatic, positive attitude, straight to the point, treat each project as an investment, speaks French and English

Industries of expertise

Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Travel, Gaming, Medical, Agriculture, Real-Estate, Automotive, Events

Work and Consulting experience

Lead Engineer, FlightHub — 2015

  • Built and lead a high efficiency team.
  • Built a B2B platform for travel agencies
  • Built web services to ease the creation of mobile application and help separate the legacy infrastructure into reusable modern components.
  • Speedup the integration of new developers and standardize the environment by creative a virtual development environment.
  • Created an interview strategy that tested both the logic, pragmatism, problem solving, attention to detail, software architecture skills and technical skills
  • Help the upper management define the business objectives, metrics of success for each projects and the web development department.
  • Help the upper management, product owner and developers to focus on the most important matter.
  • Created a tactical plan and delivery schedule to migrate the current legacy infrastructure into a reusable components via web services.
  • Manage and guided the efforts of the development team to deliver projects on time while meeting business objectives.

Technologies: PHP5, Symfony2, Solar PHP, MYSQL, Apache, Linux, Git, Puppet, REST,

PHP Developer (contract), Ericsson — 2013

Build an easy to use cloud management web console for IAAS, SAAS, PAAS services to enable Ericsson to lower the cost of hardware across their organization within 8 weeks.

  • Architected and developed the core modules to create and manage clusters of virtual machines, networks’ management, create and recover VM snapshots and much more.

  • Built an abstraction layer to enable VM provisioning and management with VMWare and OpenStack or other Hypervision

  • Optimized the VMWare VCloud REST API calls.

  • Solved all technical challenges related to framework and misunderstanding of partner technologies.

  • Increased the team momentum and ensured timely delivery of the product.

  • Helped the developers and managers to focus on the most important tasks.

Technologies: PHP5, Symfony2, MYSQL, Apache, Linux, Git, Cloud Computing, VMWare VCloud & VSphere, REST, SAAS, PAAS, IAAS

PHP Developer (contract), Groupe TVA — 2012

Built the new website of the TV Channel TVA.ca and enabled Groupe TVA to leverage the power of Drupal.

  • Developed & architected of the online schedule to support over 1M+ visitors/day.

  • Developed several reusable modules (online schedule, artist, TV show & season profile, search …) to be reusable across multiple other websites of Groupe TVA.

  • Advise the customer on the best practices for heavy traffic architectures with Drupal.

Technologies: PHP5, Drupal 7, MySQL, Memcache, Varnish, Linux, Apache, SVN, Solr

Team Lead & PHP Developer (contract), ViaCapitale — 2011

Built and delivered the real-estate website and management panel for ViaCapitaleVendu.com within 10 weeks.

  • Developed modules and fixed numerous software issues.

  • Increased development speed by coaching developers and by providing the quickest path to solving technical challenges.

  • Provided an unbiased point of view on the true status of the project

  • Helped managers and developers to focus on the most important features.

  • Acted as liaison between the remote and local teams.

  • Boosted team morale by bringing a positive attitude.

Technologies: PHP5, MYSQL, SVN, Fossil, Apache, Linux, SPARQL, RDF

Team Lead by interim & PHP Developer (contract), Autonet.ca — 2011

  • Recovered the project Autonet.ca and built a productive and cohesive team of 5 developers and integrators within 6 weeks.
  • Recovered the existing application and documented the architecture within 2 days.

  • Integrated the car inventories from various car dealers’ API.

  • Increased software performance, quality and stability.

  • Put in place the development and staging infrastructure.

  • Coached new team members on how the application worked.

  • Assumed all responsibilities relating to the project management, architecture & development.

  • Established a procedure that dramatically cut the learning curve of new developers.

  • Helped the customer and developers to focus on important matters

Technologies: PHP5, Symfony, Zend Framework, MySQL, Apache, Linux, SVN, Jira, Soap, Rest, Sphinx

Technical Analyst (contract), Sun Media — 2010

Technical analysis of the migration process needed to migrate all the web archives into Documentum and how it could interface with the FatWire CMS.

Technical analysis and risk assessment for the integration of Documentum, FatWire with the actual editing plate-formed used by Canoë & Sun Media.

Technical analysis of the sports’ statistics Soap web services used in sports section of 300 web sites.

Technologies: PHP5, Documentum, FatWire, SoHo Sports API, Soap, Oracle

PHP Developer (contract), Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA) — 2010

  • Created an application to track the location of livestock and the spread of pandemics such as mad cow decease between premises
  • Built the core of the application so it could be reused to track various animals and apply different traceability rules.

  • Built web services to consume premises, animal profiles and movements

Technologies: PHP5, Zend Framework, Oracle, Linux, Apache, SVN, PHPUnit

PHP Developer (contract), ZipConferencing.com — 2009 to 2010

Build the account provisioning, invoicing and various reports for an early startup in the teleconferencing business.

  • Build the account provisioning using Soap web service and imported the customers CDRs

  • Built the admin panel to manage customers & invoice customers along with Account Receivable …

  • Built clear financial reports such as taxes, account receivables, monthly sales, etc.

  • Built key performance reports such as: top customers, new customers, teleconference minutes usage.

  • Delivered as quickly as possible so that the company could start invoicing customers.

  • Enabled the customer to run their business effectively with intuitive online tools.

Technologies: PHP5, MySQL, Linux, Apache, SVN, Soap

Team Leader, Savoir Faire Linux — 2008 to 2009

Worked for various customers.

Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM)

Defined customer needs and distributed tasks among team members. Established a development process based on Agile development methodologies such has SCRUM & FDD.

Created an API to generate ActionScript in order to interact with Flash charts generated with PHP without modifying the core of the Ez Components.

Nante Airport

Build wap site for Blackberry and IPhone users, admin section & web services to enable Nantes Airport customers to check parking availability & securely download their boarding pass (barcode) onto their cellphone.

Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ)

Built a robust survey system to help political parties to track the evolutions of their popularity among Quebec citizens listed in the DGE list.

This project recently has been released as an OpenSource project. Visit the official website of ÉlectionLibre for more information.

Technologies: PHP 5,MySQL 5,PostGreSQL,Action Script,Typo3,Drupal, Symfony,Ez Components,WAP/WML,SVN,Trac,Mercurial,Git,VIm,Linux,Map Server, Apache

Team Leader, Budget Conferencing— 2006 to 2008

Defined internal customer needs and distributed tasks among team members. Established a development process based on Agile development methodologies such has FDD (Feature driven development) in order to increase software quality.

Secured, optimized and revised the work flow of the ERP/CRM for a more user friendly experience. Built a Dashboard which monitored the customer usage and automatically assigned them into a specific category, which helped the sales team focus on customers with a decreasing/increasing usage.

Build tools to migrate Budget Conferencing customer database to Premiere Global web services.

Technologies: PHP 4,MySQL 5,HTML,XML,XSL,CSS,Javascript,CVS,VIm,Linux,Apache

Programmer Analyst, GameLoft — 2004 to 2006

Optimized and secured the web applications.

Developed a platform enabling the purchase of cell phone games through SMS and WAP download.

Wrote the web development standards, security guides and the documentation for the new architecture to speed up the integration of new developers.

Technologies : PHP 4,PHP 5, MySQL5, XML, SOAP, Javascript, XHTML, WML, WAP, SMS, CVS, SVN, Vim, Linux, Apache

Programmer Analyst, ExportDepot — 2003 to 2004

Built a platform for the maintenance /creation of multiple e-commerce sites with the ability to customize templates, depending of the origin of the customers (domain name, country, google search…) or the category they belong too.

Technologies : PHP5,ASP,MySQL 4,MSSQL,HTML,CSS,CVS,VIm,Linux,Apache,IIS

Programmer Analyst, Gereq — 2002 to 2003

Development of a Medical Research application intended to ease the form creation by researchers, user data validation rules and the application of many clinical research randomization techniques.

Technologies: PHP4, Oracle, HTML, CSS, Certification ISO-9001,Apache

Founder, ConFoo — 2002 to …

Organized and managed the biggest IT Conference dedicated to web developers in Canada.

  • Defined the vision of the event, and selected the content and speakers

  • Defined the general marketing strategy

  • Assisted event partners to maximize their presence during the event
  • Ensured the financial stability of the organization with a 6 success matrix and financial scenarios


  • Web Specialist, Multihexa 2001

  • Mining Engineering, Université Laval & Laurentian University 1998-2001

  • Sciences, Collège de Valleyfield 1995-1998