ConFoo is looking for IoT startups.

You own a young startup that builds IoT products and you want to receive feedback from the international tech community?

ConFoo is looking for 4 startups that want to pitch to 600+ technical people (developers, engineers, managers, …) coming from different background and culture (Germany, Italy, Australia, Israel, Brazil, …)

On February 24th, ConFoo is hosting an innovation night dedicated to IoT.

Fill this form to participate.

To learn more about ConFoo check our website at


Yann’s PowerTweets on success.

In the past few years, I have been advocating for increasing productivity and embracing imperfection.

For those that know me you know I am not a big writer and my schedule is fairly busy. Yet I have several articles in draft and need to be polished. I took the decision to just go ahead and change the format I will be publishing my knowledge.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn where I will be posting on a daily basis a series of PowerTweet at 7:30am.

The road to success is imperfect.

ConFoo Call for Papers is Open

ConFoo is once more seekconfooing passionate speakers for the upcoming conference.

The event is happening in Montreal, Canada, between February 24th and 26th, 2016. It is an exciting conference for web developers with speakers from all over the world. It unites many web programming languages under one roof, as well as other topics related to web development. The call for papers closes on September 20th.

ConFoo renews 50% of its speakers each year. If you’re new to this conference, you should definitely submit.

If you would just like to attend, there is a discount until October 13th.

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ConFoo 2015 – Become a Master

We want yconfoo-2015ou to learn as much as possible during the three days of conference. We do that through quality and variety of both content and speakers, as well as creating a fun and friendly atmosphere.

We have presentations for any level, from beginner to advanced. You’ll learn about the backend and frontend, web and mobile, information systems and games, hard and soft skills, as well as many related topics.

We have speakers from many different countries and industries. They brings unique perspectives that you won’t find in your backyard. How often will you talk tech with someone from Taiwan or Saudi Arabia? How often will you learn from people who build robots or write their own programming language?

If your goal is to learn and meet interesting people, then ConFoo is the conference for you! Take advantage of our $190 early bird discount.