Creating a one of a kind community conference

CConFoolient Situation

  • As a leader in the technical conference dedicated to PHP, the organization decided to broaden the scope of its mission to teach programmers and managers about technologies and methodologies such as: Python, Ruby, Java, .Net, Mobile, UX, Web Standards, Agile Management, Web Security, etc

My Intervention

  • Reached out to all the local community leaders and shared the vision
  • Secure the financial future of the nonprofit organization by establishing a 6 success matrix and financial scenarios.
  • Assist event partners to maximize their presence during the event
  • Assist speakers with their travel, lodging
  • Established commercial relations with various providers and negotiated contracts for venue, Audio-visual, print, internet, travel, …
  • Defined the general marketing strategy
  • Defined the vision of the event, and selected the content and speakers


  • Increased attendance from 400 attendees to 600 attendees
  • International attendees from Australia, Israel, India, Lebanon, France, United Kindom, Brazil, USA, etc
  • Returning attendees and sponsors.
  • 5th year organizing a one of a financially stable event
  • Event is well know and is highly anticipated
  • Visitors and speakers are contacting us 8 month before the event to have some details regarding the event.