Calling all developers and Managers to “The Oktober Tour” in South Africa and Hungary my previous article, I mentioned a study that clearly demonstrates that projects with a budget over 10 Million+ dollars fail in one way or another. Either by being over budget, delivered late, or simply under delivering. It happens more often than we may think and sometimes it happens to us. We, managers and developers can help lower these statistics.

Over the years, I have worked on very large projects. Some of them stayed in good health, for others I was brought on board to get them back on track.  While being difficult to manage, these situations are very rewarding when you succeed. They are a great learning experience.

For years, I have been thinking about presenting at conferences, but I could not find a topic that I was really passionate about. Everyone is talking about coding techniques, tools or agile methodologies. What could I bring to the table that would be different and can make a great difference? I decided to share my expertise in project rescue and help managers and developers to identify project at risk.

Join me on The Oktober Tour

This October, I will be on a speaking tour in South Africa and Hungary to share my knowledge on project rescue and software architecture with developers & managers to. I will be at the following events:

At these events I will be speaking about:

Attending such events is very good for developing your technical and soft skills stay up to speed with the cutting edge technologies and exchange ideas with other experts.  If you live near these cities or you are not at the famous German Oktoberfest, join me at one of these events. It will be one of the best investment you will make for your career.

Let’s talk

Can’t make it to these events or would like talk about challenges your project is facing? Send me an email to and let’s schedule a meeting.

See you all very soon.


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